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We help you achieve your best health using natural & integrative therapies.


Naturopathic medicine treats all health concerns for all ages from acute to chronic and physical to psychological.


It supports the "healing power of nature" as coined by Hippocrates and utilizes a blend of scientific knowledge and traditional natural forms of medicine.


Naturopathic medicine targets health promotion and disease prevention. 

How does Naturopathic Medicine compare to conventional medicine?

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) treat patients as individuals by addressing the physical, environmental, lifestyle, attitudinal and emotional aspects of health. 

When do you need to see a Naturopathic Doctor?

  • You are looking to promote your health and prevent disease

  • You want to improve quality of life

  • You want to combine conventional and naturopathic medicine in order to minimize side effects of medications, surgery or conventional treatments

Simcoe Forest

Primum non nocere

First, do no harm

6 Guiding Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

Meet The Team


Dr. Curtis Baker, ND

Naturopathic Doctor with past experience as an intern at the CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre, with an area of focus in supportive cancer care, diabetes, kidney health, men's health and cardiovascular health.​


Dr. Maryanne D'Silva, ND

Naturopathic Doctor utilizing evidence-based medicine to stimulate the body's natural healing ability with an area of focus in digestive, hormone and brain health. 

How we can help you...

Naturopathic medicine can be used to address all forms of acute or chronic complex health concerns. 

See below for a few common conditions addressed by our Naturopathic Doctors.

Are you exploring natural solutions for diabetes? Are you looking to improve quality of life and reduce complications?

There are now hundreds of studies on natural options - and a subset of these show large significant results. Dr. Baker builds a comprehensive plan that prioritizes higher impact natural therapies, with the goal of reducing blood sugar, reducing complications and improving longevity.

Are you wondering what avenues to consider? What is safe and effective?

After a comprehensive intake, Dr. Baker creates an evidence informed plan that is individualized to your specific cancer. He prioritizes therapies that have demonstrated the highest level of safety and efficacy within Naturopathic supportive cancer care research, for that cancer type.

Do you experience bloating, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea or any digestive disorders? 

Gut health has been found to impact skin health, mental health, memory, attention, and immune health. After a comprehensive intake (may include lab testing) to identify the root cause of your health concerns, we provide individualized natural treatment approaches based on your health status. 

Do you experience trouble with memory, thinking, judgement, sleep, mood, or mental health?

We present evidence-based preventative strategies to optimize your brain health. These include therapies such as therapeutic nutrition to optimize diet, botanical medicine to target symptom relief & inflammation, behavioral medicine to improve treatment times, and/or supplementation to target deficiencies.

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