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Chronic Sore Throat and Tonsillitis?

Chronic sore throats? Does it happen pretty much all the time? You tried everything but still no success? Well, there's usually a reason.

We discovered a surprising number of nutritional, immunological, hormonal, and infectious causes that can be tested for but are almost never screened and are largely unkown by social media, online medical websites and other sources.

At our clinic we recently compiled a list of over 200 medical tests we offer as naturopaths and searched and reviewed every medical study released over the last 193 years from the world's largest medical database assessing those tests and their relevancy to chronic tonsillitis. We then ranked the greatest 12 risk factors that we can test for that predisposes people to chronic tonsillitis.

With any medical condition - the different symptoms people experience are our body's way of telling us that something is off and should be addressed. They are a manifestation of an underlying issue. If we address that issue, then oftentimes symptoms will improve as well. Reach out if you are interested in receiving a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan. We can help create a tailored plan based on the risk factors we find in your blood work and testing and utilize natural therapies to help correct any nutritional, hormonal and immunological deficiencies.



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